Gus-Van-Sant 5

Tribute to Gus Van Sant (Reel)

Gus Van Sant Reel, a tribute to our first winner of Mix Icon Award:



Gus Van Sant comes to the Festival Mix Brazil to present six of his most representative films from a breathtaking career spanning over 35 years. As a pioneer of what would be known as “new queer cinema” we’re honored to be celebrating him during this landmark edition.


From his first feature, “Mala Noche,” it was clear that this was an auteur with a vision unlike others before or since, and this vision continues through his work today. Always with an empathetic and curious eye for the outsider’s outsider, Gus Van Sant places a queer sensibility in all of his work, even when the characters might not be described as LGBTQ. Whether working with established actors, unknowns, or non-actors; whether working on massive studio pictures, or small boutique films, he’s managed to maintain an integrity of vision throughout his career, inspiring a generation of filmmakers, moviegoers and activists alike.

In our 25th edition of Mix, we look back in celebration of how far we’ve come as LGBTQ people, while also searching for signposts on our continued path forward. The fearless narratives of Gus Van Sant bring this history into full focus, while always reminding us that at the center of our collective journey is our love and commitment to one another.