Philosophy in the Boudoir

November 17 – CineSesc –  9:30pm


COUNTRY: Brazil (SP)

YEAR: 2017


DIRECTORS: Ivam Cabral, Rodolfo García Vázquez

CAST: Henrique Mello, Stephane Sousa, Bel Friósi, Felipe Moretti, Suzana Muniz, Hugo Godinho, Eduardo Chagas, Phedra D. Córdoba / SCREENPLAY: Ivam Cabral, Rodolfo García Vázquez / CINEMATOGRAPHY: Fabio Politi / EDITING: Juan Perí dos Goitacás / SOUND: Daniel Nishida, Julian J. Ludwig / PRODUCTION DESIGN: Bia Pieratti Bueno, Carolina Reissman, Marcelo Maffei / PRODUCTION: Ivam Cabral, Rodolfo García Vázquez / PRODUCTION COMPANY: Satyros Cinema

SYNOPSIS: Dolmancé and Juliette, two of the most daring libertine characters in universal literature, are the protagonists of the story originally written by Marquis de Sade, presenting a young virgin’s sex education (Eugénie), with practical classes and libertinage principles. Following her daughter’s training period, Eugénie’s mom gets into her bedroom trying to rescue the girl from the libertines’ hands. At this moment, she’s dominated by Dolmancé and Juliette becoming the perfect victim and allowing the last class to be taught. Philosophy in the Bedroom is a book published secretly, in 1795, which became one of the most famous novels of its time. The book synthesizes all the main ideas of Sade’s universe: the radical search for self-centered desire, the lack of morality in natural universe and sex as the center for human drive. Libertinage and philosophy scenes alternate until the end of the drama.



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